Bicultural Identity Town Hall

Join us to discuss how to uplift your bicultural identity and how to find a space within your ethnic identity and where you live. We will discuss our experiences of following cultural practices in new spaces, our experiences participating in the culture we live in, and more!

Exploring the Importance of LGBTQ+ Representation

Join us to discuss LGBTQ+ representation in various fields such as Media and Education! We will also discuss if the representation LGBTQ+ communities receive, is negative or positive, allowing us to look into all aspects of the representation. We invite you all to attend a one-off conversation regarding LGBTQ+ representation in times when representation is extremely important.

Making Your Mental Health A Priority Town Hall

This town hall will focus on findng ways to help you priooritize your mental health. The DITF’s goal for this town hall is to normalize conversation about mental health in efforts to destigmatize it. The content of this town hall is discussing mental health, having conversations with people you know about mental health, and ways to help you prioritize your mental health effectively.

Happy BirthDAY!

You're cordially invited to Dear Asian Youth's BirthDAY Party on Friday, April 30th at 4 PM PST/7 PM EST. Join us for a night of reflection and celebration as we commemorate DAY's first birthday! Playing games and holding conversations, we will be bonding over how much DAY means to us.

Practicing Allyship To The ESEA Community

ESEA stands for East and South East Asian. It is important to center ESEA people, specifically ESEA women right now because they are largely the targets of anti-Asian hate crimes. On April 24th 2021, DAY Diversity and Inclusion Task Force will facilitate an active conversation about the recent increase in hate towards ESEA women. We hope to leave the discussion with knowledge on how non-ESEA allies can best support the community.

Asian Physicians: Dismantling the System

Back by popular demand — another Asians in Healthcare webinar! Asian Physicians: Dismantling the System will specifically center the lens of Asian physicians and is dedicated to exposing the systemic issues that lead to racial disparities in the healthcare industry. Panelists Dr. Dagny Zhu, Dr. Joyce Park, Dr. Risa Hoshino, Dr. Ambreen Mohamed, and Dr. Anita K Patel will lead us through an in-depth reflection and analysis of their experiences in the industry.

Diversity and Inclusion in Feminism Town Hall

We've spent so long learning about history through a Eurocentric and heteronormative lens which has caused a lot of feminist discourse to be exclusionary and divisive. For this reason, the DAY Diversity and Inclusion Task Force will be hosting a town hall in which we engage in discussion surrounding intersectional feminism!

Asians in Literature: Decolonizing Our Bookshelves

Do you want to diversify your reading list with authors of color? Come to our Asians in Literature Webinar! Panelists S.K. Ali, Hafsah Faizal, Sheba Karim, Graci Kim, Emily X.R. Pan, and Nisha Sharma will show us that literature is something that should be appreciated, not overlooked.