New Board Handoff

A time for knowledge sharing and transfer to the 2022 WAC board!

Washington Alpine Club 2021 Annual Meeting

You're invited to the WAC 2021 annual meeting. During this meeting we will be going through our annual report, membership, financials, and announce the 2021/2022 board.

October WAC Board Meeting

Special October WAC meeting

September Board Meeting

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August Board Meeting - Insurance

Board meeting to reinstate insurance.

May 2021 WAC Board Meeting

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Activities Committee Meeting

Please join a Zoom meeting to review and give input on the guidelines for leading and participating in WAC activity outings. Outings can range from hiking, climbing of all types, scrambling, backpacking, skiing, snowshoeing, etc. Preliminary documents have been drafted for: 1. Outings Standards. 2. Screening of prospective participants 3. Outings Leaders Quick Guide To join send an email to [email protected] to receive the Zoom meeting information. Participants will be sent the drafts prior to the meeting.

April 2021 Board Meeting

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Big Mountain Leadership & Big Mountain Fitness with Garrett Madison and Lisa Thompson

Join us for a conversation about big mountain leadership and big mountain fitness from 2 experts in their fields: Garrett Madison who is owner and operator of Madison Mountaineering (, and Lisa Thompson owner and operator of Alpine Athletics (

March Board Meeting

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Community Discussion: How Do the Outdoors Serve Our Mental Health?

What if we looked at mental health the same way we look at physical health? Outdoor activities depend on both, and they impact both in varying degrees - whether we acknowledge it or not. Our second Community Discussion will be led by WAC member and psychologist Trevor Davis. Trevor is a Rehabilitation Psychologist who specializes in helping people with adjustment/recovery after injury, chronic pain, trauma, and grief. Trevor will be walking us through some resiliency aspects of outdoor activities and community, as well as some of the known risk factors for things like stress injuries and mental health issues. Then together, we will explore the spectrum of benefits and risks related to outdoor sports and our mental health. The presentation and following community discussion will cover questions such as: Why do we push ourselves, and when do we all need to stop pushing? Why do we sometimes disengage with things we typically love, and when is it OK to pull back versus push ourselves forward? We'd love to hear from you, our audience members, during this talk. Please come with your own stories and experiences that you'd like to share. In lieu of paying for this event, Trevor would encourage participants to donate to American Alpine Club's Climbing Grief Fund, which offers grants to people seeking mental health services related to climbing/skiing/mountaineering-related trauma and grief. Please donate here:

Mobility with Focused Movement and Control

Are you feeling a bit stiff from sitting? Have you been skipping that daily routine to keep your body moving or even that climbing and skiing warm up and cool down? The good news is that Andi from Everyday Strength and Movement ( ) is here to guide you through movements to help you out! He has some different tools to keep your body moving throughout the day and week, as well as before your skiing or climbing adventures. Throughout the session, Andi will demo some rotational joint movements to help you see and feel your current range of motion and potential compensations. From there he will show you some good mobility exercises and stretches to get you warmed up and cooled down after playing outside. If you'd like to participate live off camera be prepared with a yoga mat, yoga block, and foam roller if available! Don't worry if you don't have all of the equipment at home, Andi has plenty of substitution suggestions. Andi has been a strength and conditioning coaching for 5 years and has a strong passion for keeping people moving safely. He has participated in three different Functional Anatomy Seminars that have provided him with the knowledge and continued drive to help keep folks healthy. This event is free for all WAC members, but the organizers would like to encourage a donation to Vertical Generation (, a Seattle-based non-profit dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the climbing community.

February WAC Board Meeting

The WAC Board meets on the 1st Thursday of every month. Join the discussion and listen as the Members go through the agenda items for the month.

Carly Kovacik, Lead Forecaster NWS Seattle - Washington Winter Weather Patterns & AMA

Carly has worked for the National Weather Service since 2014 and is currently the Lead Forecaster for the Seattle Branch. She is joining us to talk about common weather patterns experienced during winter in Washington state. In addition, there will be a lengthy Q&A session, so please come with any and all questions that you've ever wanted to ask a meteorologist. Carly grew up in Ohio, did some storm chasing during grad school in Oklahoma, and started her NWS career in the Atlanta office. When she's not forecasting the weather, you will find her outdoors or doing something active, like snowboarding. She has climbed Mt Adams and St Helens and has run the Boston Marathon not once but twice!

Jeff & Priti Wright's Year Long Climbing Sabbatical through Patagonia, the Alps, Pakistan & more

Priti and her husband Jeff just wrapped up a year-long Sabbatical from their full-time professional careers, climbing and paragliding around the world. After six years of playing in the Cascades as Weekend Warriors, learning and teaching with BOEALPS, they decided to test their skills in the Greater Ranges. Despite travel restrictions, lockdowns, and last minute alterations to plans, Priti and Jeff completed numerous Alpine objectives culminating in the First Ascent of K6 Central in the Karakoram, Pakistan, which has since made headlines in national and international climbing media. In this talk, they'll discuss embarking on a Sabbatical, with the necessary planning, decision making and logistics and then just going and doing it! Are you thinking about taking some time off to pursue your climbing goals? Full of inspiring photos and commentary, you'll hear about an alternative lifestyle to the Weekend Warrior. Their year began in Patagonia, where they climbed several peaks around El Chaltén, including Cerro Torre. From there, they spent six months based out of Chamonix, France where they completed their project of completing the Six Classic North Faces of the Alps (including the Eiger North Face in Winter). Following this, they spent two months in the Nangmah Valley in Pakistan's Karakoram Range with Colin Haley. Follow along with their trip reports, tips & tricks, and videos on their blog In lieu of any cost for the event Jeff & Priti have asked that you donate whatever amount you'd like to Iqra Fund, a non-profit organization that provides access to quality education, especially for girls, in the remote regions of northern Pakistan.

Community Discussion: You climbed WHAT?! Climbing Route Names and Inclusive Language

Climbing route names can rouse laughter, raise eyebrows, and they can inspire you to return to a project again and again. They can also alienate people from the sport, both new and veteran. Here and abroad, climbing route names are a source of controversy - especially over the last year. Some local climbs in Vantage, Index, and other crags in the PNW are up for debate. This week we'd like to get together as a community to talk about offensive climbing route names. Do words matter? Why? What about the people who named routes? What other type of language does this remind you of? What is our role to make route names (and climbing) more inclusive? If you have time, we encourage you to read Misogyny on the Rocks (, and How One Climber is Calling Out Racism in the Outdoor Industry ( ahead of our discussion. Both articles shine light on specific examples of how climbing route names have affected and created a divide within their communities. Leading this discussion are three WAC climbers and volunteers: Amanda Helfer, Katie Sieverman, and Rachel Davidson. Join us and bring your own impressions, stories, observations, and ideas to share with the community.

January Board Meeting

The WAC Board meets on the 1st Thursday of every month. Join the discussion and listen as the members go through the agenda items for the month.

Backcountry Skiing Olympic National Park & Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale (ATES) Workshop

We've got something special in store for the first event of 2021! Matt Schonwald of BC Adventure Guides will be joining us for the evening to talk about his new book "Backcountry Skiing Olympic National Park" & to lead a workshop on the Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale (ATES). In addition to learning about a new zone, this will be a workshop on the ATES system which was developed by Parks Canada to help backcountry users assess the severity of the terrain encountered in a given trip. It's being used more and more in the US and is a super practical way to turn an avalanche forecast into a safe travel plan for the day. There will be some coursework that will be useful to complete beforehand if you'd like to get the most out of the session. The curriculum is relevant and practical for winter recreationalists of all experience levels, from those venturing into the backcountry for their first year to those who have done AIARE 2+. References:

Ming Poon - Getting the Shot, Safely

Join us for an evening with Ming Poon, a decorated photographer, videographer and adventurer based out of North Lake Tahoe, California. In 2018 he received Powder Magazine’s prestigious Photo of the Year award, and in 2019, he won the renowned Whistler Blackcomb Deep Winter Photo Challenge. You might recognize his name as a regular contributor to TGR, Powder, Backcountry Magazine and Vermont Life Magazine. He's also a regular participant on Cody Townsend's Fifty Project. Ming often travels long and far in the backcountry to get his shots. His job calls for assessing safety while traveling in remote locations. Join us for a beautiful evening as Ming shares recent work, gives advice on when/how to get the best shots and backcountry safety in his work. Donations: POW: Protect our Winters (

How to Enjoy and Protect the Outdoors in 2020

Join us for an evening with Betsy Robblee and Taldi Harrison two of our talented members who work on emerging federal regulatory and legislative issues that affect the outdoors. During this session they will discuss how their respective organizations advocate for recreationalists, and the background and importance of recreating responsibly during the pandemic. The session will be an hour followed by a Q&A session. Betsy Robblee (WAC Basic 2017) is the Conservation and Advocacy Director at the Mountaineers. As the Conservation and Advocacy Director, Betsy leads The Mountaineers conservation and advocacy programming, including driving partnerships, executing advocacy campaigns and communications, and supporting fundraising efforts that result in long-term outcomes to protect public lands and the outdoor experience. Betsy joined The Mountaineers with ten years of experience in policy, advocacy, and community engagement experience. She previously served as the Policy and Outreach Manager at the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition, where she led advocacy campaigns in support of funding for conservation and recreation projects in Washington state. Earlier in her career, she spent six years in Washington, DC as a legislative aide to Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Rick Larsen. Betsy is also President of the Big Tent Outdoor Recreation Coalition, an organization that raises awareness of the outdoor recreation sector in Washington State. Taldi Harrison (WAC Basic 2017, Backcountry 2017) is the Government & Community Affairs Manager at REI. Taldi oversees REI Co-op’s federal government affairs and policy related philanthropy. Her work focuses on fostering collaborative partnerships with national non-profits and decision-makers at the federal level to ensure access to and infrastructure for inspiring outdoor recreation opportunities. Taldi serves on the Board of Directors for the Eastrail Partners, The Conservation Alliance, the Mountains to Sound Greenway Technical Advisory Committee and the 1Trillion Tree's US Stakeholder Council. She has an MS in biology and enjoys hiking, mountain biking, climbing, camping, mountaineering, and skiing.

Amber Casali - Author of Hiking Washington's Fire Lookouts and Kevin Fujii Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist

Join us for an evening with two of our talented members who connect closely with the outdoors for work and pleasure. Amber Casali (WAC Basic Class 2014) is the author of Hiking Washington's Fire Lookouts, published by Mountaineers Books in 2018. She will take us on a virtual hike to learn about fire lookout history and what went into researching the 44 lookouts included in the book. Kevin Fujii (WAC Basic Class 2012), is a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist and photo editor. He is a four-time Olympic Games photographer and covered other high-profile sporting events including the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, Final Four and NCAA Bowl Championship Games. He will speak about the challenges of shooting an outdoor adventure and a few stories from his photo career. This event will be moderated by Jen Louie. Following Amber and Kevin’s presentations we will host a Q&A session.

Improve Your Ski Performance and Reduce Injuries

Are you getting excited for ski season? We are too! In preparation for the POW, we have an awesome opportunity for you to get your body ready and help prevent those potential injuries. This event will be presented by two experienced physical therapists, Grant Hennington (, WAC BCC '16) and Mandie Majerus (US Ski Team PT, They will show you how to evaluate, prepare and condition your body for the ski season. In this session, Grant and Mandie will demo exercises and introduce their multi-week exercise program for you to lead up to ski season. They will also share new research for ski preparation and be happy to answer any questions. When attending this session you will need an open space to follow some of the exercises they will demo. This event is free for all members and if you enjoyed the event, the organizers would like to encourage a donation to Outdoors for All ( This is a great organization that enriches the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities through outdoor recreation. All "tips" to this event will be donated there. Now more than ever, we need to support accessibility for everyone to enjoy the outdoors.

Interview with Wonderland Gear Exchange co-founder Ben Mawhinney

Please join us for a "How I Built This" style interview with the co-founder of Wonderland Gear Exchange Ben Mawhinney. Wonderland Gear Exchange is a consignment shop for outdoor recreation equipment that opened in the fall of 2018 in Seattle. Their 3 goals are to: 1. Keep gear in the wild, and out of the landfill 2. Make adventures cheaper & easier 3. Broaden the outdoor community During this interview we will hear Ben (WAC Basic '17) tell us about how they came up with the idea to build an outdoor gear consignment shop in Seattle, successes and failures along the way, the importance of a circular economy, and so much more! After the initial interview there will be an open Q&A where you can ask Ben questions about the shop or your gear! Even if you can't make the event, make sure to check them out at their new store in Fremont, And follow them on IG @wonderlandgearexchange and see what new items they have available @ wonderlandgearfeed